Roof repair hanson ma

Give Your Old Asphalt Roof New Life

Turn to us for roof replacement and repair in Hanson, MA

Let's be honest-roofs are expensive, and no homeowner wants to pay to replace their roof. But living under a damaged roof could cost you more in the long run. You could be dealing with water damage, loss of heat or other issues. If you've been putting off your roof replacement or any roof repair, contact Bostonian Restorations & Roofing right away.

We offer residential roofing services in the Hanson, MA area, including roof replacement and repair services. We specialize in asphalt roof replacement. Call now to make an appointment.

Our process is simple

Reach out to Bostonian Restorations & Roofing today if you need to replace your asphalt roof in Hanson, MA. We make it easy to get expert roofing services. We will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your roofing needs
  • Inspect your roof thoroughly and take measurements
  • Remove your old or damaged roof
  • Install new asphalt roofing
  • Seal your new roof with an ice and water shield

We'll also use RhinoRoof under your roof. RhinoRoof is a synthetic underlayment that will strengthen your asphalt roof and help it last for years to come. Make a smart roofing investment-call Bostonian Restorations & Roofing now for a free estimate on asphalt roof replacement in Hanson, MA.